About Our Medical

About Our Medical Chin Thai PPE Co., Ltd opened its doors in 1998 when we launched our first synthetic fibre mask and skin friendly medical sanitizing equiments. At the time it we were pioneer in the market in the Asian market, and it has since been used in various studies by the CDC and myriad Pharmaceutical Companies. In 2006, CHIN THAI PPE Co.,Ltd turned another page with the officialization of its products by Government Research and Development. Since 2005, Chin Thai PPE. Co.,Ltd has overseen millions of dollars of spend from Agencies including the Department of Defense, and the Department of the Interior, and the Department of State.

Our Vision

  • We have the expertise to help design the products all our customers want.
  • Experienced production and QC team enable us to provide punctual delivery.
  • Our purpose is to help you looking for an effective and efficient solution in 24 hours.

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